Growing up I was aware of Luke Perry, at the time he was the stand out star of Beverly Hills 90210. I probably caught a few episodes here and there but everyone new that Luke Perry, was the epitome of cool. It wasn’t until I saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I became a fan. In a crap film, the so bad it’s pretty good kind, he was brilliant as Oliver Pike and you could tell he was having fun playing it.

Years later I came across the apocalyptic drama Jeremiah which ran for 2 seasons (and should have run for a few more) about a world where all the adults had mysteriously died and the children were left to grow up and forge a world on their own. It was dark, it was fun and it showed that Luke Perry should truly be recognized as a cult icon. I met him once at the Supanova Con in Brisbane many years ago. The was just so cool, so friendly and warm and giving. 52 years is far to short a time on this rock and while he was in Riverdale, I would have loved to see him find something that would have thrown him into something more. I think the right kind of Netflix series would have shown his range and talent.

Luke Perry was cool. I liked him a lot.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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