Growing up I was aware of Luke Perry, at the time he was the stand out star of Beverly Hills 90210. I probably caught a few episodes here and there but everyone new that Luke Perry, was the epitome of cool. It wasn’t until I saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I became a fan. In a crap film, the so bad it’s pretty good kind, he was brilliant as Oliver Pike and you could tell he was having fun playing it.

Years later I came across the apocalyptic drama Jeremiah which ran for 2 seasons (and should have run for a few more) about a world where all the adults had mysteriously died and the children were left to grow up and forge a world on their own. It was dark, it was fun and it showed that Luke Perry should truly be recognized as a cult icon. I met him once at the Supanova Con in Brisbane many years ago. The was just so cool, so friendly and warm and giving. 52 years is far to short a time on this rock and while he was in Riverdale, I would have loved to see him find something that would have thrown him into something more. I think the right kind of Netflix series would have shown his range and talent.

Luke Perry was cool. I liked him a lot.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A Quick Word About Art

Art Bell died today. I missed Art on Coast to Coast am. I wish I had been in touch with things at the time so I could have listened (though more likely eventually downloaded) to the show. I was there for the Sirius Radio and Midnight In the Desert however, short lived as they were. I think it is truly impossible to judge the impact Art Bell had on paranormal talk radio, while he may not have completely invented it he certainly shaped it into the juggernaut it is today. Without Art there wouldn’t be any Coast to Coast, or Fade to Black or any of the other hundreds of shows and podcasts. Art was more than that though, at his very core he was a fantastic interviewer and reader of people. He was quick and knew when to push someone towards an answer and knew when to step back. So Art is gone and the airwaves will be strangely still for awhile.  R.I.P Art.